Megatherm’s Core Values

Our main priority at Megatherm is primarily to provide an immediate and efficient service for those professionals who know and trust us and our products.

This is achieved through the continuous improvement of the quality of all our output and services.

We regard our working relationships as a collaborative effort whereby we contribute to the success and goals of each and every one of our partners, and vice versa. The values that underpin our thinking at Megatherm are, on the face of it, simple, but they require the application of the highest standards and a desire to learn and improve from all our team.

Our Non-Negotiable Values


A commitment to building lasting relationships based on trust, security and mutual well-being.


Adherence to strong rules of ethical and professional conduct.


Every plan or change of course is evaluated in depth for its effects both on people and the environment.


Our experience, expertise and professional insight allow us to create products always ahead of their time.


The standards and processes we have in place allow us to respond efficiently and quickly to changes while remaining ever mindful of cost.

These are, quite simply, the values that underpin Megatherm’s operating framework and set the company apart. They ultimately act as a guarantee of the superiority of Megatherm’s products and services.

Our partner at our core

By selecting a wood pellet burner or indeed any other product bearing the Megatherm logo, you have essentially chosen to deploy a team that are committed fully to ensuring both your satisfaction and your success.

This is why we place special emphasis on our after-sales service, which will move quickly and appropriately to meet your every need. This might range from a simple part replacement to a complete upgrade-optimization-personalization of a burner or other product.

Operational Reliability

Operational reliability - Megatherm Pellet Heating ExpertsEverything we produce at Megatherm is guaranteed for high efficiency and reliable operation. The company’s Management System ISO 9001 Quality Certification is evidence not only of its adherence to the strict controls that are in place for each product we manufacture, but also of the commitment of all staff, at all levels, to follow the most efficient, most cost-effective and most robust processes at all stages and in all departments. The company is continuously seeking to optimize operations in order to respond to the constantly changing needs of a dynamic industry and a somewhat volatile economy.

Manufacturing Excellence

Innovation and the use of superior quality standards are non-negotiables for Megatherm. Only the best materials, fire-resistant stainless steel, electronic systems, motors, fans, etc., digital connectivity applications, automated functions and self-cleaning, are good enough – it’s just one of the reasons why the Megatherm name resonates quality and superiority both nationally and internationally.