Megatherm’s Core Values

To our partners we provide reliable products which will satisfy all their needs and their customers’ needs for excellent products at a fair price. Strategic partnerships and long-term cooperation are our imperatives and our flexibility in products customizations are making win-win for all.

One of key resource of our services are professional trainings for installers and servicemen in installation, maintenance, service and use of our products.

Our values are our guiding principles that help us work with our partners as a team towards common business goals:


Investing in building lasting relationships of trust, security and prosperity


Adhering to strong rules of ethics and professional conduct


Each of our planned moves is thoroughly evaluated for its impact on people and the environment before it is implemented.


Our experience, expertise and professional insight allow us to create products always ahead of their time.


Our way of operating allows us to always respond with the ideal ratio of speed and final cost of services and products.

These are the values that structure Megatherm’s operating framework and are the pillars of its profile, which set it apart in its field. Above all, however, they are the factors that determine the superiority of its products and services.
It is worth focusing on:

Our partner in the spotlight

By choosing a wood pellet burner or any other product bearing the Megatherm, logo, you are essentially choosing a team of people and bundles of services that are constantly at your disposal for your success.Benefits of bevoming our Partner - Megather Pellet Heating Experts That is why we place special emphasis on our after sales services, which can accurately meet your every need, in the entire range of requests, from a simple replacement of a part to the complete upgrade – optimization – personalization of the burner or other machine that you have acquired from us. Always making sure to maintain the best ratio of response speed and service cost.

Operational reliability

Operational reliability - Megatherm Pellet Heating ExpertsEverything we produce at Megatherm’s, manufacturing facilities is guaranteed for its high efficiency and reliable operation. Evidence for this, in addition to the strict controls that are met for each of our burners and energy machines, the continuous optimizations we make to perfect the technical characteristics and respond to the ever-changing needs of a dynamic sector of the economy, as well as the company’s certification with «ISO 9001 Quality Management System».

Manufacturing excellence

Innovation and superior quality standards are inviolable components of each of our creations.Manufacturing excellence - High Quality materials for high quality products - Megatherm Pellet Heating ExpertsThe best structural materials, aluminum, steel, electronic systems, etc., digital connectivity applications, automated operations and cleaning, are the most indicative of the advantages that make the Megatherm name travel and conquer with quality and excellence of the European and American market.