Megatherm, setting the standards in greenhouse equipment

The design and construction of top-end greenhouse equipment represent an entirely separate and significant chapter in the company’s ongoing story. Since 1990, Megatherm has been disrupting and reshaping the market with innovative heating solutions such as air boilers and axial air water heaters, sophisticated plant protection, and spraying and air circulation systems. Today, cultivation units and high-end greenhouses around the world choose Megatherm for all their greenhousing requirements.

Among the products that have played a part in writing this chapter of Megatherm’s story are:

  • The innovative LVM mist sprayers for crops and cultivators
  • L316 sulfurator tested by the National Agricultural Research
  • The versatile and highly efficient EOS 450 air circulators

If you are an installer or dealer and your clientele includes growers of all kinds with small or large greenhouse installations – or if you yourself own such a unit in need of state-of-the-art solutions and specialist know-how – contact Megatherm today and let us help you learn about the benefits our products and service will bring to your brand, services and products.