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At the cutting edge forefront of energy innovation since 1980

From the very outset, starting with the manufacture of water boilers from its headquarters in Vasilika, Thessaloniki, Megatherm has aimed to design and create energy products that respond precisely and efficiently to customers’ needs and the unique conditions of each era.

From this single-product start, the company expanded its activity into heating and equipping greenhouses with innovative heating solutions such as air boilers and axial air water heaters, as well as bespoke plant protection systems such as LVM mist sprayers and the L316 sulphide.

Mindful of developments in the industry and anticipating the energy crisis due to the increase in the price of fossil fuels, Megatherm made the decision to pivot to the production of wood pellet burners.

Today, having already completed 40 years as a leading player in the energy sector, Megatherm is a leading name not only across Europe in the field of biomass, but also as an export powerhouse for Greece with its products traded, respected and recognized in more than 27 countries worldwide.



The company is founded by Stavros Sfondylas with the aim of installing heating systems and aluminum boilers.


Greenhouses & LVM Spraying System

The company adds the equipping of greenhouses to its repertoire, specializing in the integration of Low Volume Mist sprayers, a solution for spraying chemicals in the greenhouse, by using fewer pesticides and decreasing labor cost for the farmer.


Production line upgrade

Company facilities and equipment are upgraded and the latest generation production line is installed.


Research & Development

Significant investment in Research and Development and the study of global energy conditions results in a focus on the production of wood pellet burners.


Next Sfondyla generation

Megatherm goes from strength to strength with the involvement of the next generation of the Sfondyla family, focusing on the mission of becoming the go-to company for the manufacture of innovative and energy-efficient products.


40 Years of Presence

Megatherm celebrates 40 years in business, garnering international recognition and appreciation, and defining its orientation for the future.

Megatherm’s Core Values

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