Introducing Thermo, Megatherm’s series guaranteeing reliability and efficiency

Megatherm’s Thermo type Water Fan Coil Heaters work by using hot water supplied by the boiler. These remarkably efficient air heaters are ideal for heating craft and industrial spaces, as well as for greenhouses, packing houses, warehouses, workshops, machine shops, nurseries, piggeries, poultry farms, garages, etc.
Drawing on its decades of experience, Megatherm has a profound understanding of the particular requirements and challenges posed by the size and use of each working space it encounters. Using this experience and expertise, the company has devised two world-class, specialized product lines:

  • Thermo 20-80, for production from 20,000Kcal to 80,000Kcal, ideal for the majority of craft, industrial and other installations
  • Thermo 100d-160D, specially created for greenhouses which have bigger heating needs, producing between 100,000Kcal to 160,000Kcal