Megatherm’s Philosophy

Megatherm's philosophy and emphasis on exports

Megatherm is proud of its international outlook. Through our carefully cultivated and ever-expanding network of agents and partners, we export our superior products to over 27 countries spanning 4 continents.

There is nothing that gives us more satisfaction than knowing that every day, our products assist in the success stories of energy professionals of all backgrounds, all over the world.

Exports through partners and agents on 4 continents
Megatherm commitment to excellence of construction, innovation and after-sales support has made the company the trusted partner of so many dealers, installers and traders of energy heating systems in over 27 countries across 4 continents.

The company is a huge player in the European market, with its wood pellet burners, axial air heaters, air boilers, mist sprayers, sulfurizers and air circulators the products of choice for residences, greenhouses, commercial premises, crafts and industries, agricultural, poultry and livestock units in these countries and more: Poland, Latvia, Finland, Sweden, Great Britain, Portugal, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatian, Bosnia.

If you or your company want to learn more about adding Megatherm products to the range of the options for your customers, we’d love to hear from you: