Wood pellet burner Nani 35, 10-35kW

Code: Nani 35

  • Ideal for private houses and small buildings
  • The fire tube is made by high heat resistance stainless steel of 3 & 4mm thickness
  • Made by high quality material
  • Low installation and maintenance cost
  • Automatic ignition
  • Controls the temperature of the boiler/furnace
  • Gradual increase of the burner’s power in 3 steps
  • Three ways of operation : single, continuous, analogue
  • Photosensor for controlling the fire, by measuring the flame’s density.
  • Thermostat protecting the burner of overheating and back fire
  • Connection for STB sensor, for overheating furnace/boiler
  • Detecting possible malfunction of the temperature’s sensors
  • Automatic restart of the burner after power failure
  • High combustion efficiency >95%
  • Low emissions CO, NOx.
  • The controller is located on the burner

New features

  • Self cleaning system with compressed air system
  • SMS alarm system

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Burner’s latest technology controller REG 03/1 ensures the smooth and safe operation of the heating system. Compared with the most burners on the market, the controller is far more extensive in terms of function, possibilities and easy of use.

The controller is equipped with:

  • LCD screen (2x20signs)
  • 5 menus (A. Furnace settings, B. HUW settings, C. Burner settings, D. Device settings, E. Manufacturer settings)
  • Twelve languages : English, Greek, Polish, German, French, Portuguese, Swedish, Dutch, Latvian, Lithuanian, Czech, Slovakian & Russian
  • Boilers/furnace temperature sensor, 0-120 C
  • Boilers/furnace temperature sensor 0-1000C (optional)
  • HUW/buffer temperature sensor (optional)
  • Electric cable for connecting CH pump
  • Electric cable for connecting HUW/buffer pump (optional)
  • Room thermostat connection
  • Vocal alarm outputs in case of an error
  • Diagnosis of errors
  • 4Amp fuse for high voltage protection
  • Built-in flash memory maintains programmed settings and safety functions in case of power failure
  • Automatic restart of the burner in case of a power failure

Nani 35  wood-pellet burner can be installed on:

  • all pellet boilers
  • all wood boilers
  • most oil boilers
  • most space heaters
  • tobacco/fruit driers
Type Nani 35
Power 10-35kW
Length 610mm
Width 220mm
Height with drop pipe 400mm
Height without drop pipe 220mm
Fire tube diameter Φ 140mm
Power supply 230Volt / 50Hz
Igniter 425Watt
Electr. Consumption 30-40Watt (approx.)
Fuel Wood pellet 6-8mm , A’ Class
Weight 14kg
Feeder’s length 1,5m



  • Self cleaning system: The self cleaning system works with the compressed air. The electro valve is controlled by the burner’s controller, REG 03/1, and it is just connected to an air compressor. Megatherm has the opportunity to supply air compressors, both noisy and silent, under equest.

  • SMS alarm system: The SMS alarm system is consisted of a GSM module, which is connected with the controller. In case of an alarm of the burner. The system notifies the user by sending SMS, that the burner doesn’t work.
    It is mainly suggested for industrial applications, like bakery ovens, steam boilers, driers, where the burner works with the absence of the user.